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Seeking Alpha Search & MR Birmingham is an affiliate of Management Recruiters International, the world’s largest executive search firm.  Seeking Alpha Search focuses on the banking and engineering positions across the US and Canada.

In the banking vertical, Lin works with $0 to $20B Community and Small Regional Banks, Large Regional Banks and specialized teams for Megabanks nationwide.  Seeking Alpha Search specializes in placing top performers in the banking industry within Accounting, Finance, Audit, Risk, and Technology - focusing on CFO's, Chief Accounting Officers, Treasurers, Asset & Liability Managers, Corporate Finance, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Audit Executives, and CIO’s (amongst others). In addition, Seeking Alpha has an in-depth focus on quantitative risk, data, fraud and analytics.

Seeking Alpha works across industries to find the talent you need including engineering talent for chemical, automotive, aerospace, defense and manufacturing. Our teams work to find the most qualified talent for your specific need and we don't stop until we find the right fit for you.

In higher education, we also offer retained search to Universities and Community Colleges placing top performers such as Deans, Provosts, Presidents and Chancellors. 

The development of Seeking Alpha Search was the culmination of a seven-year vision of its founder, Lin Watson.  Now entering her fifth calendar year in this endeavor in 2019, her continued passion is to utilize her firm Seeking Alpha Search as the vehicle to have a more profound impact on her clients and the lives of the professionals she represents.  Lin’s laid back, consultative approach is unique, her heart is in the right spot, she wants to get to know the clients and candidates she represents, and at the end of the day her goal is both an excellent short-term and long-term fit as clients invest in human capital and in the lives of those that they hire.  Lin's listening skills are excellent, as is her ability to seek wisdom and use her intuitive "sixth sense" to identify what is in the head and heart of others to enable her to assist with a great long-term fit.  This is paramount to Seeking Alpha Search's continued success and its ability to impact the lives of others and their families. She is a self-professed "Farmer" versus being a "Hunter & Skinner."  She loves "sowing seed" everywhere she goes, and it appears to be working for her and her clients.  Lin loves being a sounding board and is always willing to help.  She’s not pushy, but she’s listening, and she’s tenacious.  That is part of Lin’s continued charm and success.


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